ACS is proud to be partnered with EFI to bring a new line up of wide-format printers to the Pacific Northwest. EFI is an industry leader in innovation and developing printing technologies, with a full line of energy efficient LED printers.

At ACS, we pride ourselves in offering complete solutions to print companies, from software and strategy consultations, to printing and cutting machinery. Our new partnership with EFI expands our line of wide-format printers and brings an extensive range of features to our customers. We are excited to share with you the industry leading components of our new EFI line up of printers.

EFI H1625 LED Wide Format Hybrid Printer

The EFI H1625 LED Wide Format Hybrid Printer is a mid-level production printer that produces high image quality with fast turnaround and low production costs. With simple automation built in, this printer is flexible and efficient.

EFI Pro 16h LED Wide Format Hybrid Printer

For increased flexibility, the EFI Pro 16h LED Wide Format Hybrid Printer is designed to provide an extensive range of substrates and applications while still delivering superior image quality. This hybrid platform prints both flexible and rigid substrates and comes with a software package that features FAST RIP acceleration technology.

EFI Pro 24f LED Wide Format Flatbed Printer

For powerful printing the EFI Pro 24f LED Wide Format Flatbed Printer has the competitive edge. With true flatbed architecture with moving carriage and gantry, and a vacuum system to keep media in place, the 24f leads the way in accurate registration for over-printing. Edge-to-edge and simultaneous multi-board printing make this a great choice for fast and efficient quality.

To find out more about how we can bring a complete solution to your print business with our new line of printers, contact us today!



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